CES is a national Non Governmental Organization (NGO), founded and registered in July 2003 with a passion to restore environment through education, advocacy and action.
The environment is a complex functioning system; plants, animals, humans, biological and physical systems. People and biodiversity nurture and sustain each other in complex relationships hence a healthy environment is critical for human well being and sustainable development.
Prudent conservation and development of the earth’s natural resources is the key to addressing global challenges such as poverty, food insecurity, loss of biodiversity and climate change among others. The unchecked interactions between social economic systems cause massive environmental pollution and degradation thus reducing the quality and ability of the environment to sustain life and human well being.
These convictions led a team of professionals in the fields of health, theology, environment, biodiversity and natural resource management to establish Centre for Environmental Stewardship (CES).
CES believes that taking care of the environment (stewardship) is everyone’s responsibility. The Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA; 1999), Kenya Water Act (2002) and Kenya Forest Act (2005), all acknowledge this and promote community participation in Natural Resource Management and Conservation.
Theologically, stewardship is utilizing and managing all natural resources for the glory of the creator and the betterment of His creation. “The Creator has given humans a sacred responsibility to protect and care for the land and all of life, as well as to safeguard its well being for future generations to come.” the Heart of the People Declaration, August 7, 1997.
In bringing change, CES endeavors to offer advisory services and training on technical issues on ecosystem health and the state of environment, promote co-management of natural resources through formulation, implementation and monitoring of natural resource based projects as well as carrying out public education and awareness in environmental stewardship. All these are enriched by our periodic research on ecosystem health.
We extend our appreciation to our donors, our enthusiastic team of staff, our partners, local communities, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non-Governmental Institutions (NGOs), our collaborating Government Agencies and Institutions and International Communities for their continued support.
We also invite you to participate with us in taking care of our environment for the well being of us all for 
‘WE’ (humans) and the environment (creation) are ‘stewards of each other’
Thank you for visiting our  website and having interest in our work.
Asante sana!