Our Goal
A conserved and managed environment for human well being and sustainable development.
Our Vision
A healthy environment that sustains all life forms.
Our Mission
To restore the Environment through education, advocacy and action.
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Who We Are

(CES) is a national Non- Governmental Organization, founded and registered in July 2003. Centre for Environmental Stewardship (CES) main focus is building capacities for Environmental Stewards through education, advocacy and action. We change mindsets for Environmental action through informing, training and influencing leaders and communities.

Our Profile

CES is administered by an Executive Director under the policy direction of a board of directors. The directors are professionals and experts in various fields relevant to its work. The following are board members:

  • Dr. Mbaabu Mathiu
  • Dr. Kiome Bagine
  • Prof. Kiome Kinyamario

What We Do

CES creates awareness onenvironmental issues through; mass media. Our environmental education entails training, advisory services, consultancy and research. We support Environmental action through; experimental learning, field demonstrations, conservation activities and eco-entreprises.

Our Strategy

To effectively and efficiently achieve our goals, we partner with local communities, organized groups like churches and community based organizations (CBOs), Government Agencies and Institutions, Non governmental organizations (NGOs) and the international community. CES is a founder member of WEFCOL (Wetlands for Community Livelihood), a forum for like minded organizations whose main objective is conserve, develop and create awareness on the importance of wetlands in enhancing community livelihood and in national economic building.
We are also partners with Amani Communities Africa (ACA) an organization that advocates for the Women Human rights and conflict resolutions through dialogue and mediation. We also work together with membership organization such as Kenya Forest Working Group (KFWG) while collaborating with government agencies such as National Environmental Management Authority which oversees the management of Kenyan environment and the resources therein.

In a nutshell...

  • We work with people and communities to restore environmental integrity/health while sustainably utilizing biodiversity to improve their living conditions.
  • Gather and disseminate information and knowledge on ecological and environmental processes relating to loss of bio diversity and climate change.
  • Develop educational programs and create public awareness on environmental stewardship, particularly amongst the youth.
  • Application of indigenous knowledge and technologies (IK&T) in natural resource management for sustainable livelihoods.